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Fica Shield specializes in optimizing employee benefits through innovative payroll solutions. They revolutionized the compensation landscape by introducing two new line items on employee paychecks. The pretax premium reduces taxable income, while the indemnity claim payment rewards employee engagement. This dual approach results in significant savings for employers and a tangible increase in take-home pay for employees, transforming the traditional payroll experience into a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Logo Design



Social Media


Audubon, NJ



In the challenge of establishing the Fica Shield brand, our mission is to craft a logo that embodies trustworthiness and reliability while effectively capturing the attention of two distinct audiences: employers and employees. Our goal is to create a visually compelling and memorable identity that instills confidence in both stakeholders and resonates with their respective needs and values. By embodying the essence of trust and reliability, our logo will serve as a beacon of assurance, fostering enduring partnerships and mutual benefit in the dynamic landscape of employee benefits and financial security.

Our approach involved research into brands with universal appeal, recognizing the nuanced dynamics of capturing the attention of two distinct audiences: employers and employees. Leveraging principles of color psychology, we carefully selected shades and tones that evoke feelings of trust and reliability across diverse demographics. Additionally, we prioritized brand elements that are inherently readable and understandable to all. 


Brand Identity

In crafting the brand identity for Fica Shield, we melded the "F" with a shield emblem, forming our distinctive logo complemented by a sans-serif font for readability. Our deliberate choice of blue and white hues reflects stability and dependability.


We designed eye-catching posters for Fica Shield, strategically tailored to attract businesses in their local area. By emphasizing the benefits of their services, our promotional materials serve as powerful tools to engage potential customers. 

Social Media

In crafting social media templates for Fica Shield, we purposefully integrated their signature brand colors while incorporating stock photos of diverse individuals. This approach maintains visual consistency and relatability of the brand's identity across digital platforms. 


As Fica Shield continues to thrive, its impact resonates throughout New Jersey's business landscape. Through their efforts and dedication, Fica Shield has established an extensive network of companies embracing its innovative services, marking a significant milestone in its journey. As the company expands its reach and takes on more clients, its commitment to excellence and dedication to satisfaction remains unwavering. With each new partnership forged, Fica Shield reaffirms its position as a trusted ally in navigating the complexities of employee benefits, poised to continue its growth trajectory and success in the evolving marketplace.

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