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Leashes and Love is a dog-walking service based in Rhode Island that offers dog walking, pet sitting, and boarding—after two years of dog-walking coordinator sites, the owner, Emily, sought to create a name for herself by creating her own brand and handle bookings herself that would allow her to broaden her customer base and further establish her fantastic reputation among animal owners. 

Logo Design


Web Design


Pawtucket, RI



Emily tasked us with creating a unique brand identity that would appeal to new clients while maintaining the interest of her existing customers. She wanted her bubbly and fun personality to shine through every aspect of her branding. Emily's primary goal was to have a user-friendly website that facilitated seamless service bookings. Recognizing her on-the-go lifestyle, Emily also sought versatile social media templates adaptable to various content needs, allowing her to engage with her audience effortlessly.

Our approach towards Emily's branding journey was based on a promise to deliver personalized excellence with meticulous attention to detail. We ensured that every aspect of the project was customized to showcase Emily's profound passion for animals and provide an engaging experience to her audience. From the start, we were committed to creating an authentic brand and establishing meaningful connections with clients.



We have achieved significant positive results through our strategies. Emily's vision of a streamlined booking process has made it easy for clients to access her services, thereby increasing efficiency and client satisfaction. Furthermore, the social media templates that we created for Emily have allowed her to easily drag and drop content, keeping her existing audience engaged with the brand. The fact that Leashes and Love is perceived as friendly, approachable, and reflective of Emily's persona demonstrates that her brand image aligns successfully with her client expectations. Our implemented initiatives have effectively strengthened Leash and Love's market position and helped build strong connections with both new and returning clients.

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Brand Identity

We brought Emily's personality to life by incorporating a vibrant palette of pastel and jewel tones, complemented by playful 3D icons and imagery of her furry clients. To further amplify her spirit, we paired a lively cursive script with a rounded sans-serif font.


We prioritized crafting an intuitive user experience, beginning with a clean landing page, direct access to services, and user-friendly navigation. Building upon this, we incorporated elements such as dynamic transitions, page animations, and a custom dog bone cursor, injecting personality into the browsing experience.

Social Media

We created a series of templates for multi-purpose use on various social media platforms and topics. Each template featured Emily's brand colors, icons, and images, ensuring consistency across her digital presence.

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