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Publix aimed to overhaul their benefits communication with a vibrant video to simplify information, increase enrollments, and enhance employee understanding. They sought a more branded approach compared to their previous video. This involved a script aligned with Publix's friendly tone, integrating branding, and creating custom visuals for easy comprehension. Ultimately, the goal was to empower Publix employees to make informed benefit choices.






Publix, a popular supermarket chain renowned for its Southern hospitality and friendly atmosphere, wanted to make it easier for their employees to understand their benefits and increase enrollment rates.


Their previous video lacked a branded experience, so our goal was to create a new video that simplifies the information and embodies the Publix friendly brand identity. The aim was to help employees make informed choices for themselves and their families regarding their benefits.

Firstly, we focused on integrating their brand essence into a compelling visual narrative. Then, we created custom animations and illustrations to enhance the strategy, and tailored our scriptwriting process to embody Publix's core values. This approach ensured that our solution resonated with Publix's commitment to their employees' well-being.


Video Concept

We crafted a script that embodied Publix's core values. The script instilled confidence and comfort, guiding employees through benefit choices. It became a key element in fostering a connection and was a testament to Publix's dedication to its employees' well-being.

Brand Integration

By thoughtfully weaving in Publix's brand colors and typography and showcasing imagery that resonated with their culture, we created a cohesive visual narrative that authentically represented the essence of Publix, enhancing the impact of the video among employees.

Custom Animations

Creating custom illustrations and animated graphics was not just about achieving visual appeal; it was an effort to develop a dynamic learning experience. The bespoke visuals were thoughtfully crafted, a powerful tool for engaging viewers.


We created custom visuals to tailor the content and make it inclusive by representing diverse individuals in the animations. We paid close attention to detail to ensure that the animations felt friendly and approachable to all demographics. To keep viewers engaged, we designed lively animations that were visually appealing. By adding dynamic elements, we made the video interactive, which aligned with Publix's values of accessibility and inclusivity. This approach resulted in increased engagement.

Upon evaluation, it became apparent that Publix lacked distinctive iconography for its various benefits offerings. We created individual icons for each benefit, utilizing Publix's secondary red color to address this. This choice simplified employee identification and made the icons stand out prominently against the green hues used in other elements.


Dental Insurance

Accident Insurance

Prescription Plans


The release of the video resulted in excellent outcomes for Publix. Firstly, there was an increase in employee enrollment rates, which indicates that the video encouraged active participation in benefit programs. Additionally, employee feedback highlighted a significant improvement in their understanding of benefit options, leading to more informed decision-making for themselves and their families. The overwhelmingly positive internal response emphasized the video's effectiveness in simplifying complex information into an accessible, friendly, and engaging format.

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