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Rhody Sun Buttah is a vibrant company rooted in Rhode Island, specializing in crafting a delightful array of sunflower butter flavors. Dedicated to supporting the local economy, they exclusively partner with locally owned nurseries to source their premium sunflower seeds, ensuring freshness and sustainability. Rhody Sun Buttah captures the essence of the state's community spirit and creativity with a name that playfully nods to the unique linguistic quirks of Rhode Islanders. Each jar of their sunflower butter is not just a delicious spread but a testament to their commitment to quality, locality, and the rich flavors of Rhode Island.



Cranston, RI



One significant challenge Rhody Sun Buttah we faced in creating its brand was designing a one-page website that effectively funneled retail quotes and showcase the brand to companies to placement in their shops. Given a single page's limited space and content capacity, it was crucial to prioritize critical information such as product offerings, brand story, and contact details while ensuring the site remained visually appealing and easy to navigate. Balancing the need for concise yet compelling content with the desire to convey the brand's unique identity and values required strategic decision-making and creative solutions. 

We crafted Rhody's branding to stand out prominently on the shelves of retail shops. Recognizing the constraints of limited space, we opted for a playful approach throughout the website. This included the integration of a dynamic flavor gallery, animated brand assets, and captivating brand photography. These elements not only enhance the user experience but also convey the vibrant spirit and essence of Rhody Sun Buttah in an engaging manner.


Brand Identity

The brand identity was meticulously crafted using a large impact typeface, capturing the bold essence of Rhode Island itself. Vibrant colors were carefully selected to infuse the brand with personality, energy, and distinctiveness, ensuring it stands out amidst the competition.

Website Design

The website we created for Rhody Sun Butter features scroll effects, a flavor gallery, and a captivating marquee to enhance user engagement. These dynamic elements were carefully implemented to transform a one-page web layout into an immersive and visually stimulating experience.

Package Design

In crafting the package design to align with the brand, we incorporated playful details tailored to each unique flavor, enhancing the overall experience. We integrated icons representing the flavors to further delight consumers, adding a touch of whimsy and facilitating easy flavor recognition.


The branding and website development process for Rhody Sun Buttah yielded exceptional results, effectively showcasing the essence of Rhode Island's vibrant culture while driving retail engagement. Our streamlined one-page website serves as a powerful tool for retail buyers, providing them with a comprehensive view of their package designs and brand tone. By seamlessly integrating fun-loving elements synonymous with Rhode Island, such as animated brand assets and captivating imagery, our website captivates visitors and ignites their imagination. This approach has not only enhanced brand visibility but also generated tangible interest and excitement among retail partners. As a result, Rhody Sun Buttah continues to stand out on shelves, attracting discerning buyers and embodying the lively spirit of Rhode Island with every jar.

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