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Siren Saver is a platform that offers exclusive discounts on various brands to first responders. It was founded by a compassionate police officer who was concerned about the financial challenges faced by fellow first responders. The platform aims to support these heroes by easing their financial burdens and helping them save money.



Liberty, TX



Crafting the branding for Siren Savers presented a multifaceted challenge requiring meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of their mission. As a company dedicated to supporting first responders, Siren Savers required a brand identity that resonated with their target audience and conveyed trust, reliability, and unwavering support. Balancing the gravity of their cause with the need for approachability and accessibility posed a unique creative challenge. Ensuring that the branding captured the essence of Siren Savers' commitment to service while distinguishing them in a competitive market landscape added layers of complexity to the project. Navigating these intricacies while staying true to Siren Savers' core values and objectives was central to overcoming the branding challenge effectively.

Our goal was to create a visual identity that would engage their target audience, while also being adaptable for use across different first responder categories. We carefully translated their specific logo requirements into a captivating design that accurately represented their brand.


Brand Identity

The objective was to design a brand that captured attention but also reflected the strength and purpose of Siren Saver. The client also expressed a strong desire for a bold and attention-grabbing typeface to effectively convey the company's mission.

Logo Categories

To address the need for category separation, the logo was designed to have adaptable elements that could be customized to represent different first responder categories. This allows Siren Saver to tailor its branding to specific groups, such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and more.

Merchandise Design

Siren Saver recognized the power of merchandise as a fundraising tool. The brand's merchandise line includes apparel, accessories, and collectibles that proudly display the iconic logo. These items not only serve as a symbol of solidarity but also act as a source of revenue for the organization's mission.


Today, Siren Saver is expanding its brand presence by partnering with well-known brands to offer exclusive discounts to their users. The organization has ambitious plans for collaborations and community events across the country to reach a wider audience and have a more significant impact.


The organization has provided financial assistance to over 8,000 first responders, making a real difference in their lives. The brand's impact goes beyond just offering visually appealing logos or discounts; it fosters a community that stands together in support of those who dedicate their lives to saving others.

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The logo of Siren Saver is made up of a shield and the letter "s". It represents the protection that first responders offer their communities. The letter "s" in the logo catches your attention and shows how important their mission is. As you look at the logo, it changes into a shield shape, showing the layered protection and support that Siren Saver wants to provide to first responders.


The logo and bold typeface create a powerful visual identity that connects with Siren Saver's mission of compassion and urgency.

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