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After her retirement from teaching, Sharon decided to pursue her passion for interior decorating and started a new venture in Ormond Beach. With her keen eye for interior decorating, she founded Southern Staging, a company that specializes in home staging, organizing and consulting. Her mission is to help elevate your property to its fullest potential. Southern Staging is committed to providing personalized and professional services to their clients.

Logo Design


Web Design


Ormond Beach, FL



When Southern Staging by Sharon was first imagined, it was just an idea. Sharon recognized the need for a compelling brand identity, captivating photography showcasing her staged and decorated homes, a polished portfolio website, and fundamental marketing materials. It was a significant endeavor, and we collaborated closely with Sharon to bring her dream to fruition. Together, we transformed vision into reality, laying the foundation for Southern Staging's journey.

In order to create branding for Southern Staging by Sharon's locality, it was essential to understand its essence. We recognized the vibrant nature of Florida's sunny beaches and palm trees and seamlessly incorporated these elements into Southern Staging's brand identity. By embracing the unique charm of the area where Sharon's business thrives, we ensured that every aspect of the branding resonated with the spirit and allure of its surroundings.


Brand Identity

We infused Southern Staging's branding with the vibrant spirit of Florida, using a simple and minimalist design approach. The color palette evokes a sense of peace and serenity, while beautifully staged spaces are showcased with impact.

Website Design

Paired with Southern Staging's brand elements, users enjoy a simple, clean, and visually appealing browsing experience. The services are paired with animated icons, drawing the viewer's attention. We implemented a streamlined project management system on the back end while capturing immersive photography, showcasing accessibility and clarity.


We developed a photography style that was tailored to each unique space we captured. Our photos evoke warmth and intrigue, compelling viewers to explore the space.


Having established Sharon's brand, she successfully positioned herself within her local community of Plantation Bay, where she now collaborates with fellow community members. Her portfolio serves as a showcase, providing clients with a glimpse into the transformative potential of their spaces, thereby securing numerous projects. With the streamlined marketing efforts, Sharon has gained valuable time to expand her expertise, offering additional services such as custom carpentry and virtual room construction to meet her clients' needs better. As her business continues to flourish, Sharon's journey epitomizes the power of effective branding and strategic diversification in achieving sustainable growth.

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