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Designing the branding for Acia Express was a complex and dynamic process that required a combination of creativity, strategic planning, and extensive market research. Given the highly competitive nature of the culinary industry, especially in the bustling city of Newport, we were presented with the challenge of creating a unique and compelling identity for Acia Express that would stand out from the crowd. We conducted a thorough analysis of the market landscape and identified key trends and opportunities that would inform our branding strategy. We also worked closely with the client to understand their vision, values, and goals, and to ensure that the branding would align with their overall business objectives.

The essence of Acia Express is inherently joyful and interactive. From tracing the truck's whereabouts to tailoring your bowl, customers actively participate in crafting their experience. Recognizing the integral role of customer engagement in our concept, we understood it was imperative to craft a brand that magnifies this essence.


Brand Identity

Our branding palette blends pastel hues and saturated colors paired with  organic and classic patterns creating a sense of zest. Our design's irregular shapes mirror the essence of our business – fluid, natural, and ever-evolving. 

Package Design

We created the toast package design with a dual purpose in mind: to streamline the ordering process and enhance customer experience. The slip slides over the to-go packaging, serving as an order ticket. It bridges the gap between front-of-house and kitchen operations with seamless efficiency.

Menu Design

We crafted Acia Express' menu with readability and speed in mind. Each element, from font choice and size to icon placement, was thoughtfully curated to ensure a seamless flow of information, enhancing the ordering experience and minimizing wait times.

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The brand identity of Acia Express was created to be lively and energetic, featuring striking patterns and vibrant colors that reflect the customizable nature of its offerings. The packaging designs were optimized to enhance ordering while generating double order tickets for the cashier. The menu layouts were user-friendly and made it easy for customers to personalize their bowls while incorporating brand elements for guidance. Finally, the food truck was transformed into a captivating moving billboard with a unique pattern inspired by fruits and a bold logo that served as a memorable backdrop for Newport tourists' photographs.

Acia Express is a growing food truck business in Newport, Rhode Island. In it's first year, despite having incredible offerings, it failed to meet its profit goals due to a lack of branding strategies. As the summer ended, the owners of Acia Express realized that they needed to redefine their approach and create a unique identity in the competitive culinary landscape of the area.

Logo Design


Vehicle Wrap


Newport, RI


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