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Based in South Jersey, EG Development Group pioneers commercial construction with innovative solutions and sustainable practices. Their practical approach, rooted in years of expertise and planning, optimizes workspaces for productivity, supported by streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology. Choosing EG Development Group for your construction partner will ensure your vision will be realized and build a brighter future together.

Logo Design


Web Design Social Media


Brigantine, NJ



The challenge in creating EG Development Group's brand identity was crafting a cohesive visual representation that could effectively encompass the diverse range of services and specialties within the company's portfolio. From concrete and steel restoration to commercial construction and property management, the brand must balance unity and differentiation across its various divisions. Additionally, the brand identity had to resonate with clients and stakeholders, communicating EG Development Group's values of quality, innovation, and reliability while maintaining flexibility to adapt to evolving market trends and client needs. Achieving this balance required careful consideration of branding elements and strategic alignment with the company's overarching vision and objectives.

In our approach, we leverage traditional colors like green and gold for construction companies to evoke positive associations and convey a sense of trust and prosperity. By incorporating a bold typeface and clean color schemes into branding and design elements, we ensure that EG Development Group stands out with a strong and reputable image, fostering confidence among clients and stakeholders.


Brand Identity

In crafting their logo, we used the "EDG" acronym engagingly, melding the letters together and used shadows to distinguish each component. We also added a shape outline to evoke the impression that the letters reside within the structure, symbolizing EG's influence in the construction industry.

Website Design

We created EG Development Group, a website as a resource for potential clients interested in their services and the industries they work in. The website features smart navigation and a branded experience that lets visitors quickly locate the necessary information.

Social Media

We developed EG's social media content to educate potential clients about services and announce industry news. We integrated images, brand patterns, and custom colors to create engaging designs. We ensured consistency while fostering trust and engagement with potential clients.