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Established by an entrepreneur, Storage Point Capital specializes in nationwide acquisition and management services for self-storage properties. Their mission is to become the most trusted solution for investors and commercial real estate owners in the self-storage market. They offer tailored services to ensure trust among sellers and investors. They also provide passive investment opportunities by matching investors with top self-storage properties nationwide and managing investments for optimal returns.

Logo Design



Web Design


Sarasota, FL



One of the biggest challenges in building the brand of Storage Point was creating a logo that consisted of their acronym "SPC" and also represented their exponential growth trajectory. We had to balance simplicity with the desire to create a memorable visual identity. The logo had to reflect Storage Point's commitment to innovation and expansion in the competitive self-storage market. It also needed to resonate with clients and stakeholders, conveying trust, reliability, and a forward-thinking vision while positioning Storage Point as a leader in the industry.

In developing Storage Point Capital's brand, our approach was rooted in research and strategic creativity. We conducted an in-depth market analysis to understand the industry and competitive landscape. Leveraging this insight, we crafted a distinct visual identity encompassing Storage Point's trust and reliability. Our emphasis on memorability ensured that the brand resonated with many audiences.  



Upon launching its branding and website, Storage Point Capital experienced a remarkable milestone by signing a significant deal for a multi-storage unit facility. This achievement seemed unattainable at the start of their journey, but their brand aligned with success and delivering innovative storage solutions, worked. As it continues to expand its portfolio and redefine industry standards, Storage Point Capital remains poised to revolutionize the storage sector and exceed the expectations of its clients and stakeholders alike.

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Brand Identity

In crafting Storage Point's logo, we integrated their acronym "SPC" into an upward arrow shape, symbolizing their upward growth trajectory. This fusion of design elements captures Storage Point's commitment to progress and advancement in the competitive self-storage market.

Web Design

We designed Storage Point's website as a selling point, encompassing all pertinent information a potential client might seek. With strategic navigation and  content, the website efficiently channels visitors to explore acquisitions or join the Investor Waitlist, ensuring a streamlined and informative user experience.

Social Media

We facilitated Storage Point's marketing efforts by developing personalized letters from each employee, enhancing client engagement and building rapport. These customized communications served as effective touch points to connect with potential clients.

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